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Voltage Assists

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As mentioned in the character building rules, a Custom Assist is the vague Pokemon equivalent to a Trainer's Trait/Class. In much the same way as a Trait, it can be ranked up 4 times, to a maximum of 5, by spending increasing amounts of Experience.


Listed below are some example Assists that can be found on Pokemon, and the uses to which they can be reasonably put. If you have an idea for a Assist not listed here (such as a "Cultivate" Assist that lets you grow and control plants), then by all means feel free to use that. The ones below are just suggestions!



This Pokemon is skilled at digging through a variety of substances, constructing tunnels, and otherwise navigating through the underground. This Pokemon may also use their ability to shift material to fill in holes quickly, or obstruct paths. Ranking Up this Assist allows the Pokemon to dig faster, claw through tougher substances, and create larger and longer-lasting tunnels.



 This Assist grants a Pokemon a keen sense of control over its ability to generate heat. They can vent flames precisely, or simply heat up an area by voluntarily increasing their body temperature. Starting fires, melting things, and simply making things hot come naturally to a Burn Assist user.  Ranking Up this Assist gives the Pokemon the ability to create higher temperatures, expel that heat across longer distances, and apply their talents over a greater area, or with increased precision.


 A Chiller Pokemon can easily apply their ability to generate cold to a variety of tasks.  Using this Assist they can create ice from moisture in the air, freeze many other liquids, or simply lower the ambient temperature in an area. Ranking Up this Assist allows the Pokemon greater control over the ice structures they can create, lowers the threshold of cold they can generate, and extends their field of chilling influence.


Using biological or chemical processes to generate virulent venom, potent poison, and toxic... toxin is within the purview of a Corrosive Pokemon (also acid that is uh... awesome?).  These substances are perfect for decaying, demolishing, or otherwise ruining resources. Ranking Up this trait unlocks increasingly destructive and damaging elements, or perhaps materials possessing more subtle and strange effects.



A Crush Pokemon has impressive destructive potential.  Using limbs, mouths, spikes, or tentacles they can easily tear apart obstacles or items into useless pieces of scrap. As the Assist is Ranked Up, even the toughest of objects are torn apart like paper, and their appetite for vandalism can reduce vast amounts of more fragile stuff to shards, shreds, or pieces in just a few chaotic moments.


 This Assist allows a Pokemon to utilize their claws, blades, or other sharp appendages to impressive effect. There's pretty much no way they should be able to slice something like that open with such neatness and speed and yet somehow they are always more than up for the challenge. The Cut Assist can be used to chop through many barriers, clearing paths by slicing through obstructions, or carefully and precisely slicing up materials. Ranking Up this Assist drives it from the simply unnatural to something that would not look out of place in a actual anime cartoon.


This allows a Pokemon to more broadly apply their ability to charge and vent electricity and their sensitivity to electrical effects.  A Pokemon with this Assist can carefully regulate their conductivity, amperage, and voltage to apply specific levels of shocks, from static cling to lightning strike. They can also vaguely detect the electrical fields generated by most living things, and other energetic phenomena.  Ranking Up this Assist allows the Pokemon to charge, hold, and release larger or more precise amounts of electricity, and hones their skill at detecting electrical fields.


 With Flash, a Pokemon can exude an even glow from their bodies, or otherwise create and control visible light.  The Pokemon can easily illuminate a darkened area, generate powerful, lingering flashes, or even create odd, luminescent effects that respond to their directions. Ranking Up this Assist grants a Pokemon the ability to make more impressive light shows, control more unusual light effects, and even create more creative uses, like shooting an aerial flare to announce their presence or give a signal.


 A Pokemon with Fly is a pro at mid-air maneuvering.  In addition to the usual benefits of unassisted flight, a Pokemon with the Fly assist can be used to carry cargo through the air.  Ranking Up this Assist allows a Pokemon to carry heavier burdens, for longer periods of time without getting exhausted or hurting themselves.


 A Guster can create breezes and winds with their wings, lungs, or supernatural ability.  Gentle breezes make Flying Pokemon's job that much easier, focused gusts can clean away dust and dirt, and powerful winds can knock down trees, blow away smoke or mist, and even temporarily override the local weather.  Ranking Up this Assist allows a Pokemon to generate winds of greater strength, with increased precision, and affecting larger areas for a longer duration.


 A Pokemon with the Soak Assist is able to use its ability to create water for use in non-combat situations, and can also breath water in addition to air.  The Pokemon can create clean, pure water, and this water can be expelled as anything from a trickle, to a stream, to a geyser-like burst. The water can easily be used to do things like extinguish fires, wash away debris, and is also technically drinkable (though in most situations that seems kinda gross). Ranking Up Soak allows a Pokemon to create greater amounts of water, and spray it further and with greater pressure.

Psy Power

 A Pokemon with Psy Power is closely in tune with the unseen and unknown. While concentrating, this Pokemon can see colorful auras around living things that may give a clue as to what kind of creature it is, with careful study. They also receive more accurate hunches, gut feelings, and intuitive suspicions. Finally, this Pokemon can briefly tap into arcane powers that can be used to interact with unusual objects and environments. When Psy Power is Ranked Up, it grants more keen insight into their strange sight, and the outcome of unlocking arcane effects becomes more potent.


 A Sneaky Pokemon excels at moving about undetected and leaving no trace of its presence. That's pretty much it! Ranking Up this Assist makes the Pokemon using it even harder to see or hear, and even creatures actively looking for it may find itself stymied by the Pokemon's ability to stay hidden.



A Pokemon with the Swim Assist can move gracefully across the surface of any body of liquid, and easily and comfortably move about below the surface. In addition to this aquatic maneuverability, a Pokemon with Swim can easily carry cargo and riders while it swims (though riders would be well-advised to ensure that the Pokemon knows not to dive for too long). Ranking Up this Assist allows a Pokemon to acquire greater aqueous agility, carry larger loads of cargo, and bear more riders while plowing the ocean, blue (or lava, red, etc.).

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