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Voltage People

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Makai Amakusa - Ninja


3 0 3 0

Iktomi the Joltik 


Fenrir the Houndour 


Roscoe the Trubbish 



Elise Corbeau - Social Knight


5 1 0 2

Zeal the Combee 


Schala the Oddish 


Ducky the Psyduck 


Cyrus the Rhyhorn 







Pakki Tanaka - Bell Bonze - Link


4 0 0 2

Gigen the Sableye ♂ 


Numel the Numel



Alice Morgan - Link

A cautious and avaricious merchant from Johto. She joined the group just before they reached Cremini Town and accompanied them to New Quartz, contributing significantly to the defeat of Heatran. She went along with the group into the darkness of Mt. Meteo where she must have wandered off...

  • Has a Espeon named Lucea. 


Tullius QuintusLink

A charismatic trainer from Hematite, across the sea. He graduated from the Malachite Academy as part of an inter-city trainer exchange program, traveled with the party for a time, and seperated from them while at New Quartz. Presumably he caught a ride home with the visiting Hematitian delegation. His superior in Hematite was named Gaius Sulla.

  • Has an Oshawott named Timaeus.
  • Has a Skorupi named Orion.
  • Has a Charmander named Perseus.


Edmond Strachan - Link

A competent and inquisitive Militia member of New Quartz, he joined the group in their battle against, and subsequent interrogation of, Heatran.

  • Has a Starly named Sierra.
  • Has an Electrike named Bravo.


Beau Thompson - Link

A calm wanderer who took up a brief job in the New Quartz Militia, he joined the group in the fight against Heatran before, presumably, wandering on elsewhere.

  • Has a Growlithe named Tiger.
  • Has a Rufflet named Ace. 


Cameron - Link

A free-spirited explorer and naturalist from Malachite, and sister of Gwen. Traveled with the party for a time as a Player Trainer, but fell off the radar shortly after the group arrived at New Quartz for the first time. Spotting her in Malachite Forest is worth 15 Ranger points.

  • Has a brother in the Scouts who has a Rattata. 
  • Has an Ivysaur named Suss.
  • Has a Roggenrola named Maif. 


Catarine Demaské - Link

A noble trainer from Battlesend Town. She graduated from the Malachite Academy and traveled with the group for a time, going her own way shortly after the group arrived at New Quartz. Her deceased father, the captain of the Demaskés Platoon, was the founder of Battlesend Town.

  • Has a Gallade named Mitsuhide
  • Has a Mawile named Carydi 


Other Previous Players:


Hudson Tong and his Nosepass, Esther

Rokaan Yoshizawa and his Ditto, Obake

Gawain O'Connell and his Rapidash, Amber

Bhutso and his Heatmor, Mara

Kenzo and his Absol, Oni








A Malachite Scout encountered by Tullius and Makai on his off hours in Malachite Forest. He required rescue from a Drapion and its Skorupi followers.


Arielle and Kenneth

Saved from Prismatic Cultists at the West Wall. Apparently traveled over Amethyst Plateau from the distant west and were pursued by Prismatic Cultists for trespassing. Claim to be from Sloe Town. The kid seems to be very distant and unresponsive, he apparently has an unsettling fascination with fire.


Professor Bauman

A teacher at the Academy, specializing in Poison Types. He supplies antidotes to the Malachite Rangers.



A bear-like, bushy-bearded man hailing from, and acting as leader of, Cremini Town. Tullius, naughty guy that he is, managed to convince him that Malachite City means him and his Village harm. That won't bite anyone in the ass, nosir.

  • Has a Wartortle named Patchi.


Professor Bossan

A teacher at the Academy, particularly well-acquainted with the PCs, he specializes in rearing young pokemon. Has a Pidgeot and a Pidgey.


Lord Corbeau

Elise's father, mentioned briefly by Professor Bossan. Later met by Elise at the Corbeau residence and later still in the aftermath of the Heatran battle in New Quartz. A distant and thoughtful man, who keeps his counsel close and emotions in check. He's a rather good sketch artist, and a skilled diplomat.

  • Has a Nidoking


Mark Corbeau

Fancies himself a lady's man. One of Elise's brothers.



A Corbeau servant, assigned to travel with the group to their outing to the Scar, and on to Quartz. Quiet, stern, prone to injury but a fair hand with an arming sword, he seemed to be getting on well with Arielle, before the group left Malachite. Canis is actually just a nickname.



Cameron's sister, a Bubbly and enthusiastic librarian of Malachite's Academy.

  • Has a Lopunny assistant, the Lopunny. 


Harvey & Bailey

A pair of Malachite Rangers encountered on the way to investigate a Malachite Forest Scar. Even for the notoriously weird and individualistic Ranger cadre, they are a bit odd. Nice enough, though.


John & Ashley

A pair of Malachite Rangers stationed in Malachite Forest. These ones are part of an experimental "send out Pokemon with the Rangers" initiative.

  • They have a Furret named Ekkapti.



A Corbeau servant, assigned to travel with the group to their outing to the Scar, and on to Quartz. Talkative and carefree, albeit focused when the job demands it. He's a capable scout, hunter, and an excellent shot with a bow. Originally hails from Slate Town.


Anthony Lorne

A member of the Malachite Guard, in charge of watching over the rescued Arielle and Kenneth.


Professor Turner

A teacher at the Academy. Briefly spoke with Elise.

  • Has a Mankey.


Prismatic Cultist Archer/Leader

A woman dressed much like her cohorts, but with a face-obscuring cape-and-hood. Proved herself a capable sniper with her bow, but her grappling skills need work.  Had her leg badly dislocated after being pushed off a tower in the Malachite West Wall battle, and headed into the Forest to later be seen at the Parley Ambush in New Quartz where she stabbed Makai.

  • Has a draconic Aerodactyl as her steed, which was recently defeated in New Quartz.
  • She probably has that Aerodactyl back, thanks to the strange actions of Amaranth, Servant of the Lord of the Forest.



A young Trainer encountered by Makai and Fenrir in the Hall of Flames in Malachite. He also showed up as part of the diplomatic corps that was sent to answer the distress call Elise sent at New Quartz, and helped Makai defeat the deceased Lord Zenjiro Inuyagi's enraged and Mega-Evolved Scizor.

  • Has a Magby named Chiller!


Toshi Tokisada

Makai's goofy-talking and acrobatic rival.

  • Has a Rufflet named Pardez and an as-of-yet-un-nick-named Sandile.



A suspicious young man encountered by Elise in the Pokemon Temple. He wears clothing vaguely similar to a Malachite Ranger, but his katana, mannerisms, and weird name mark him as a foreigner from the West. He has apparently been taken on with the Malachite guard after a "misunderstanding", and seems to be being closely watched by Lord Corbeau for reasons unknown.




Groups & Organizations


Amakusa Clan

A family of poor puppeteers who became ninja during the war to survive. Makai's relatives.


Inuyagi Clan

The scavengers and seekers, finders of lost items and stolen trinkets. A Kanto clan, knowledge of their ways is sparse, though they are barely considered "ninja" by some, they still follow the accord and are bound by its strictures of exchange. As it turns out, they've joined up with the town of New Quartz, settling down there as nobles.


Malachite Military

Guards, Rangers, and City Scouts


New Quartz Military

Guards and Militia. The Militia are lightly armored and equipped for extremely close combat, possibly as a result of anti-Pokemon conflicts in the local mines, and the tight ravines that surround the town. The Guard is a heavy infantry, well-armored and organized under the control of local noble, Jason Rickenbacker. 


Prismatic Cultists

Encountered and defeated at Malachite's West Wall, they wear mismatched armor and colorful face paint, and decorate themselves with multicolored strips of fabric and dyed feathers. At least one possessed a small amulet that exploded into flame when crushed, killing the cultist wearing it. 


Sprout Monks of the Monastery

Tanaka's Johtoan "family". Sent him away to study after determining him to be a bit of a free spirit.


Tokisada Clan

Clan Tokisada, the Survivors. So named for their skill at traversing danger, and making their way through the inhospitable wilds. They are also jerkasses. So named because they are jerks and asses. Makai's rival, Toshi, belongs to this clan. 






The Lord of Magma

The Flame That Digs, who resides in the sea of fire beneath all things, who burrows upwards to bless the land with gifts of lava and ash, who burns away sins with the heat of his boiling blood. Or so Slugma claims. Seems to be the cause of the Malachite Scars, and participates in some sort of agreement with the Lord of the Forest broadly referred to as a Covenant. Showed up to destroy New Quartz and got his ass kicked. Currently in a fancy green Apricorn in Lord Jason Rickenbacker's care.


The Lord of the Forest

A Legend and god of Malachite Forest, first encountered via a brokered nonaggression deal with Cremini Town. Tentatively disapproving of human civilization, but seemingly willing to make deals to keep the peace. Served by the "green man", Amaranth. 


The Lady of Cinders

A Legend and god of Amythest Plateau, she apparently is a bit of a persona non grata in the Legendary community due to her excessive acceptance of human servants, the Prismatic Cultists, whom she uses to inflict chaos upon nearby communities. Possibly allied with the Lord of the Forest after that Legend's servant, Amaranth, brokered a meeting between the two odd Pokemon under auspicious circumstances.


The Lady of Shade

Known only briefly by reference from a defeated Lord of Magma. "She who was shackled", "The first to know death", she supposedly knows answers about the tense relationship between powerful Pokemon of Legend and the scattered post-war Humanity.


The Lord of Depths



The Lady of Dreams

Encountered in the dreamlike depths of Mt. Meteo in the midst of a hallucinatory dinner party, she was impressed (and perhaps a bit startled) by the groups' collective will and allowed them to escape back to the waking world, despite her desire to entrap them in the "safety" of the Dream World's pure fantasy. Elise's psyduck, Ducky, has found common cause with the strange Legend's preoccupation with stability and peacefulness, and is currently a somewhat unofficial servant. She does not approve at all of the Solrock Kai'ckul, Lord of the Sun, as Makai found out after summoning her in its company.


The Lord of the Sun

A Solrock of unusual power and ability, found and defeated in the depths of Mt. Meteo. Branded "Kai'ckul' by Makai after its capture, it has deigned to accept the young ninja as its high priest, though its cruel and conniving behavior continues to beg the question of just how loyal this beastly Pokemon could possibly be.


The Ruler of Everything







Lopunny the Lopunny 

The Malachite Librarian's unnerving and haughty assistant. Remarkably well-versed in the nuances of human body language, which he uses to show how tired he is of your dumb shit. Knows the Library like the back of his paw.



A powerful, tank-like creature, accompanied by a small swarm of Skorupi. Encountered by Tullius and Makai in Malachite Forest while saving the Scout, Allard. Driven off by Timaeus.



A ghost who haunted a cave hidden behind a waterfall. Defeated by Tullius and Timaeus, but cursed Tullius' book of laws with oddly convenient Pokemon-capturing powers.



A Flying type encountered trying to steal a red warning flag in Malachite. Got its butt kicked by Gigen.


Mischievous Ghost Trio

Three mean-spirited specters who appeared in the Haunted Cavern in the Pokemon Temple and tormented Yamask.  The Shuppet was defeated by Gigen, but reciprocated with a Destiny Bond. Misdreavus and Duskull fled the scene when Tanaka played a Song of Exorcism.



Found by the Player Pokemon while exploring the caves beneath a Scar. Not exactly an enemy, but nor was she terribly friendly to the intruders. Demanded Gigen return the Fire Stone he received after defeated Torkoal, but didn't get it.



Leader below the Scar the group investigated, an arrogant and bombastic servant of the Lord of Magma, attended to by Fire Type corrupted Sableye. Defeated in his lair, and plundered of his Fire Type energy in the form of a Fire Stone by Gigen.



A lonely, tormented spirit encountered by Tanaka in the Pokemon Temple's Labyrinthine Crypt. Destroyed by Tanaka's Song of Exorcism, leaving behind its fractured mask.



A Pokemon first said by Harvey and Bailey to be hanging out in Malachite forest and being a nuisance. Described as a toady thing with a scrunched up face that shoots seeds and uses vines. Its territory was marked out with red scraps of cloth. Later actually encountered at a Malachite Scar fighting with Tanaka's future Numel and Tullius' future Charmander. The two insisted that the Bulbasaur is a jerk who would show up and break their stuff.  Snuck back into the Forest while everyone was distracted.


Yatsu or Wa the Wooper 

An adorable, boundlessly happy creature. Seen in the company of the rescued Kenneth and the suspected spy, Yuichiro.


Amakusa Noctowl

The Amakusa Clan's aerial messenger.

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