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Voltage Ambitions

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Inspired by The Shadow of Yesterday's "Key" mechanic


Pokemon Trainers tend to be ambitious, determined individuals. How else would they have the sheer drive and passion to find common ground with powerful and inscrutable Pokemon, hone their skills, and become the very best like no one ever was? As a Pokemon Trainer builds up the skills of their Pokemon, they become capable of accomplishing greater tasks, and as they accomplish mightier deeds, their ability to train their Pokemon reaches new heights.


A Pokemon Trainer may carry one or more Ambitions that grant them the vigor and drive to journey ever onwards. These can be long term goals, grudges they bear, friendships they nurture, or roles they seek to play out for good or ill.


When you pick up an Ambition for your Trainer, you should decide what it generally means, as well as hash out two or three situations that may cause harm or interest and assign them an Exp value from 1-5.


When an event specified by your Ambition comes up, you gain the relevant Exp amount as Trainer Exp. 1 Exp events can be claimed up to three times per adventure (consisting of one Uptime and one Downtime section), other Exp amounts may be claimed once per adventure.


If the Buyoff event for your Ambition happens, you have the option of removing that Ambition from play, crossing it off your character sheet, and gaining 10 Exp for your troubles. If you aren't ready to lose your Ambition just yet, you may continue to hang onto it even if your Buyoff event happens.


Some sample Ambitions:



This trainer seeks dangerous foes to overcome, taking pleasure in victory.

- Gain 1 Exp every time you defeat a wild Pokemon

- Gain 3 Exp every time you defeat a Mythic or Legendary Pokemon

- Buyoff: Lose a battle to a wild Pokemon



This Trainer wishes to protect the weak, and teach them to become strong.

- Gain 1 Exp when you help someone who cannot help themselves

- Gain 2 Exp when you defend someone who is in critical danger

- Gain 5 Exp when you teach someone to overcome their weakness

- Buyoff: Ignore a cry for help



This Trainer wants to avoid conflict, and keep themselves safe from harm.

- Gain 1 Exp when your Trainer avoid a physical confrontation

- Gain 3 Exp when your Trainer stops a fight without resorting to violence

Buyoff: Dive into battle without second thoughts



This Trainer believes in a higher power, and seeks to convert others to the cause

- Gain 1 Exp when you defend your faith against skepticism

- Gain 2 Exp when you convince someone of the truth of your beliefs

- Gain 5 Exp when your Trainer's faith brings about disaster or harm

- Buyoff: Renounce your Trainer's beliefs


True Friend

This Trainer has a pal they hold above all others. Just being around them is encouraging

- Gain 1 Exp when you and your friend are in the same scene

- Gain 2 Exp when you make a decision influenced by your friend

- Gain 5 Exp when you put yourself at risk to help your friend

- Buyoff: Sever your releationship with your friend



This Trainer seeks wealth and financial security

- Gain 1 Exp when you make a good deal

- Gain 3 Exp when you double your wealth

Buyoff: Give away all your belongings, except what you need to survive



This trainer has a ward whom they have sworn to protect to the bitter end

- Gain 1 Exp when you keep a close watch over your ward in a scene

- Gain 2 Exp when you try to convince your ward to be careful

- Gain 5 Exp when you rescue your ward from a dangerous situation

- Buyoff: Fail to protect your ward when they needed your help



This Trainer conceals their true identity, always pretending to be someone else

- Gain 1 Exp when you pass yourself off as something/someone you're not

- Gain 2 Exp when you convince others despite serious skepticism

- Gain 5 Exp when your disguise withstands an in-depth investigation

- Buyoff: Confess your true identity to those you've duped



This Trainer has a mission they have dedicated themselves towards completing

- Gain 1 Exp when you take steps to advance your mission

- Gain 2 Exp if the step you take leads to a minor success.

- Gain 5 Exp when you enjoy a major success towards your goal

- Buyoff: Abandon your mission



This Trainer once claimed membership in a group, but some time ago they turned their back on it...

- Gain 1 Exp when the Trainer's status as an outcast comes up in a scene

- Gain 2 Exp when their disassociation brings about disaster or harm

- Gain 5 Exp when your Trainer's past creates lasting pain or suffering

- Buyoff: Obtain forgiveness, and regain membership in your group



This Trainer seeks out attention and notice for their deeds, whether they're heroic or villainous

- Gain 1 Exp every time you ensure your Trainer's name and deeds are known, through bragging or witnesses

- Gain 2 Exp whenever you take an unnecessary risk to add clout to your reputation

- Gain 5 Exp every time you take a foolish and dangerous action to gain credit for your actions

- Buyoff: Give someone else credit for an action that could give you reknown



This Trainer wants power, pure and simple. More of it, always more

- Gain 1 Exp when you earn a powerful boon or favor

- Gain 2 Exp when you earn a new title or gain new holdings

- Gain 5 Exp when you eliminate a rival or conquer a city/organization

- Buyoff: Relinquish your power, and all your holdings and titles



This Trainer has an oath of vengeance against a person or organization who wronged them

- Gain 1 Exp when you damage your foe or their associates

- Gain 2 Exp when you foil a minor plan of your enemy

- Gain 5 Exp when you ruin one of your foe's major plans

- Buyoff: Forgo revenge, and allow your enemy to live in peace



This Trainer has a strict code of behavior they adhere to at all times

- Gain 1 Exp when your Trainer is tempted to act against their code

- Gain 2 Exp each adventure that your Trainer does not break their oath

- Gain 5 Exp when your Trainer's oath leads them into grave danger

- Buyoff: Break your oath, and abandon your code of behavior


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