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Trait Exploits

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Physique Exploits


Embarrass a Lesser Foe

- You could beat this opponent easily, this Exploit means you make it look easy, defeating them with style.


Hold Your Own Against a Superior Foe

- You shouldn't really be able to stand your ground against this guy, and yet somehow here you are.


Destroy a Physical Object

- Bust down a door, snap the ropes binding your hands, snap a chain, bend iron bars.


Endure a Painful Situation

- You shrug off a an event that might otherwise cripple you, emerging stoic, motivated, or angry as hell.


Knowledge Exploits


Research to Reveal or Confirm Facts

- Discover a crucial bit of info, or confirm or deny a suspicion. If what you want to know can't be found where you're at, you know where you can go to find it.



- Get a good read on a person. What are they feeling? Are they being up straightforward with you, or evasive? Is there something they don't want you to know?



- What's unusual or exploitable about the environment around you? Is there something here that doesn't belong? Has someone left something important behind? Is there something here you can use?


Mobility Exploits


Acrobatic Approach

- Get somewhere difficult or distant quickly and easily. Alternately, move somewhere in a flashy, impressive manner.


Stealthy Approach

- Get somewhere with no one noticing. If someone has already noticed you, dodge their suspicions, maybe they didn't see something after all.


Evasive Approach

- Get somewhere that someone is attempting to actively stop you from getting, or evade the motions of someone trying to catch you.



- Chase someone down, stop them from escaping. Outmaneuver someone trying to get past you, or put you in a difficult position.


Network Exploits



- Just said something you regret? Play it off like nothing happened, and no one will take it seriously. Any offense is forgiven, a slip of the tongue is forgotten, take your foot out of your mouth, and start over with a fresh slate.


Commanding Presence

- Imbue your words with a little extra force of personality. Any command, promise, or threat you make is given full consideration and a little extra weight, even if someone would otherwise ignore or be disinclined to believe you.



- Something about makes you irresistibly interesting to your target. Someone now thinks you'd make a good ally, is infatuated with you, or really wants to see what makes you tick, even against their better judgement.


Friends in All Kinds of Places

- You know someone here, or someone knows you, or you otherwise have an unexpected but handy acquaintance in the area.


Voltage Exploits


Flash Some Cash

- You have (or appear to have) enough cash on hand to make a small problem go away. A small bribe, a quick purchase, a flash of a few bills to get somewhere classier than you ought, etc.


Luck is in Your Favor

- Something that could go either way, inexplicably goes your way instead. Call a coinflip, choose the right path in a fork in the road, or have a blind gamble pay off.


Just What You Need

- You just so happen to have the right tool for the situation at hand. A torch, some rope, a small knife, etc, etc.


Trait Exchange

- For two Voltage, use any Physique, Knowledge, Mobility, or Network Exploit of your choice.


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