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Trait Exploits

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Each Rank in the Trait provides your character with a Trait Token, which you may spend in order to perform an Exploit, which allows your trainer to automatically enjoy a small success or benefit. Spent Trait Tokens are recovered when your character rests.


Physique Exploits

A body that could be artfully chiseled into marble, or a mind that knows how to roll with the punches (and throw a few when the going gets rough). When you want to throw down, you've got the oomph to do it, and when someone wants to throw YOU down, they might have another thing coming.


Injure a Human

- You deal a minor injury to a human foe, often causing them to rethink their approach and priorities.


Damage a Pokemon

- You attack a Pokemon, dealing 2 Stamina damage to it.


Destroy a Physical Object

- Smash something smashable, knock down something that could tumble, crush something you can get your hands around.


Endure a Painful Situation

- Shrug off an event that might otherwise injure you, whether from a rival, a Pokemon, or the environment itself.


Knowledge Exploits

You paid attention in class, or did a lot of traveling, or maybe just have a good eye for things that don't quite fit. Either way, when something's up, you know a thing or two about knowing a thing or two.


Research to Reveal or Confirm Facts

- Discover a crucial bit of info, or confirm or deny a suspicion. If what you want to know can't be found where you're at, you know where you can go to find it.



- Get a good read on a person. What are they feeling? Are they being up straightforward with you, or evasive? Is there something they don't want you to know?



- What's unusual or exploitable about the environment around you? Is there something here that doesn't belong? Has someone left something important behind? Is there something here you can use?


Mobility Exploits

Anyone can navigate the mall or travel the routes between towns. With Mobility, you can get where you want to go in style, without being noticed, or regardless of how hard someone wants to stop you.


Acrobatic Approach

- Get somewhere difficult or distant quickly and easily. Alternately, move somewhere normally accessible in a flashy, impressive manner.


Stealthy Approach

- Get somewhere with no one noticing. If someone has already noticed you, dodge their suspicions, maybe they didn't see something after all.


Evasive Approach

- Get somewhere that someone is attempting to actively stop you from getting, or evade the motions of someone trying to catch you.



- Chase someone down, stop them from escaping. Outmaneuver someone trying to get past you, or put you in a difficult position.


Network Exploits

You've got friends all over, and with how sociable you are it's not hard to see why. Even if no one can quite pin down why you're so persuasive, people have a tendency to see things your way, and you easily attract the attention of powerful or interesting individuals.


Call in a Favor

- Someone owes you, and it's time to cash it in. A quick phonecall, text message, or furtive meeting at the local coffee shop gets you some local support. (For each Rank of Network you take, you should list one contact/organization you have some clout with).


Commanding Presence

- Your words have just a little something to them that make people want to stop and reconsider. A threat will seem credible, a promise will seem reliable, and a contrary argument will be the impetus for some serious self-reflection.



- Put down the foundation for a more serious relationship with someone. Whoever you just interacted with can't quite forget about how friendly and approachable you were! This is a great way to earn a favor, a friendship, or an unshakable rival.


Voltage Exploits

You can't be prepared for everything, but you're definitely willing to give it a try. Who needs kung-fu lessons when a good sucker punch does the job just as well? Who brought an Ether for that exhausted Pokemon? You did of course. Need to get past that guard? I bribed him weeks ago, try to keep up people.


Make a Purchase

- You've got enough money to buy that thing someone's selling! How fortuitous!



- You remembered to bring that torch/crowbar/rope/telescope right? Of course you did.


Trait Exchange

- For two Voltage, use a Physique, Knowledge, Mobility, or Network Exploit of your choice. 


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